BOOJUM – Did someone say Burrito??!!

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August 15, 2018
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August 16, 2018
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BOOJUM – Did someone say Burrito??!!

Boojum are taking the Mexican dining experience by storm with outlets opening faster than it takes to make one of there dilicious Burritos and guess what… its not just burrito’s thats top of the agenda…

Self-awareness to become more ethical

With the many challenges businesses in the food retail industry in Ireland face today its not surprising that it is a mine-field to know what to prioritise and how to incorporate a more ethical approach into how we do business. Not only is it a mine field but it also takes a large degree of self-awareness to assess where and what can be improved upon.

From an air filtration point of view it is alarming how many restaurants, hotels, eateries and fast-food chains have not addressed the issue of grease control and how grease pollution is a growing concern especially in densely populated cities and urban areas. That’s where we come in though, our systems are designed to remove grease, odors, smoke and oil from the air before it passes out to the open air. We do this by combining our industry leading technology with our many years of experience with commercial kitchen installations across Ireland.

Ethical awareness that doesn’t break the bank…

In todays era of owning a food establishment the buzz from a commercial point of view is all centred around controlling costs in order to achieve better profit margins and one of those costs which is nearly highest on the scale is electricity. Yes I know what your thinking – “a system that purify’s the air from grease, oil and smoke surely can’t be cost effective!?”.

I’m glad to say you are wrong, the cost of running a clean 4 stage filtration and extraction system is massively lower than that of a conventional system for the simple reason that because our system stays cleaner it means the Fan , UVO-PV and ESP-PV units don’t have to draw as much energy in order to pass the air though at the rate which is required. A system without these filters has to work 3 to 4 times harder to pass the same air through which is massively innefficient which means valuable revenue is being lost every month on a costs that can be controlled and refined to a much higher degree.

And we haven’t even spoken about the maintenance, weekly upkeep or food safety aspects of why a extraction system such as our 4 stage filtration system is the way to a more profitable business as well as a more environmentally friendly one.

We are always open to giving advice to customers new and old so don’t hesitate to reach out to us at any stage.

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