WOK is the word… Pure Vent install for Papa Rich Kitchen – Galway

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May 18, 2018
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WOK is the word… Pure Vent install for Papa Rich Kitchen – Galway

When it comes to installation, at Pure Vent, turn around time and efficiency is our number one priority. With nationwide coverage we are proud to say that our installations team are capable of carrying out the final install and commissioning anywhere in the country.

In Papa Rich we started off by consulting with the client on the exact style of cooking they would be doing in their main kitchen along the kind of equipment they would be using to cook with. In this instance very high power woks was the main source of equipment and with such equipment burning at higher temperatures to that of conventional gas top we needed to understand just what kind of demands that would be placing on the extraction system.

Understanding the clients business…

From researching, comparing and sampling the grease content that was becoming airborn from the main wok station and comparing that to a regular commercial gas top hob we discovered that the grease content was considerably higher from the wok station. From this understanding we presented a viable solution consisting of a 4 stage door abatement system capable of perform the required level of purification to the air before it passes out through the building.

What was also unique about this project was that the restaurant was in the bottom level of a building consisting of residential accommodation on all of the upper floors and to make matters even more complex we had no access to any of the roof service shafts. Through consultation with the lead project manager we customised all of the duct runs within a confined ceiling cavity to ensure the optimal length of ducting was in place to purify the air correctly. The end result from this project was the ability for the restaurant to co-exist in a residential zone in the middle of Galway city centre, where such retail space is got at a premium, and an extraction system that not only performs to the exact requirements of the kitchen in which it is situated but a lower cost of ownership to the owner. As we installed a low level discharge point the maintenance of such is far more feasible than that of a high level discharge.

At Pure Vent we truly understand that not every solution is going to be the same and for that reason we go above and beyond to ensure we are installing the right equipment for the needs of our clients. Yes we have the service backup to ensure your operation runs as smoothly as possible for when those unforeseen problems occur but for us it’s about getting the right fit first time and by doing so, we avoid unnecessary issues in the future.

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