What is ESP? – Pure Vent shed’s some light on the technology which is over 100 years old!

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August 16, 2018
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What is ESP? – Pure Vent shed’s some light on the technology which is over 100 years old!

Introduction to ESP

ESP is short for Electrostatic Precipitator – ESP was first created for commercial use in 1908 following extensive research carried out through the university of California by professor Frederick Gardner Cottrell. Initial uses for the technology were mainly found in large industrial plants – they were used to remove lead oxide fumes and sulphuric acid mist which were emitted during smelting activities.

As the technology has become more refined over the past 100 years, so to have its variety of applications. In today’s setting we use these units within our highly advanced 4 stage air filtration systems to prevent pollution of harmful gases and odours which are created from the cooking environments primarily in heavily populated urban zones.

How ESP works…

ESP is a purification tool that uses electrostatic force to positively charge particles in the airstream, this electrical charging is carried out by a series of ioniser plates. When the particles become charged they move towards the collection fins and become attached to the various array of plates – the plates are negatively charged which enables the positively charges grease and smoke particles to become attached to them. As the airflow continues past the ESP it is purified up to 95.5% when compared to that of the air before it entered the ESP.

The real beauty about our system is how each stage of the filtration is so refined that it really cuts back hugely from a maintenance and fire risk point of view when compared with systems that only have 1 stage of filtration, being the baffle filters. For example, if you have very inneficient baffle filters in the overhead canopy of the kitchen, this will mean that too much grease and smoke is getting through. This puts excessive strain on the remaining system further down the airstream of the ducting. Our baffle filters are designed to perform consistently to remove up to 60% of grease from the airstream before it enters the internal duct run, thus ensuring the ESP can perform to its optimum efficiency without causing needless maintenance issues or increasing the risk of fire from within the duct run.

Find out more about our installations by watching some of our recent installs here  WATCH RECENT INSTALLS

So why should you consider ESP?

In todays environment, being socially responsible to both the environment and employees is something that all businesses are taking very seriously. You might ask how can the food service industry adopt this approach? From our point of view its quite simple, you can address areas of the business that currently harm the environment such as waste air generated by the kitchen. With the filtration benefits of ESP you can ensure that your clients are getting an installation package that can deliver a healthier and safer environment for employees and the environment.

We are always open to consulting with new and old clients on any matter of issues regarding your extraction system. If you have any question that we can assist you with please feel free to get in touch by emailing us –  CLICK HERE TO GET IN TOUCH

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