Why every kitchen canopy Should and Can have UV-O!!

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August 16, 2018
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August 16, 2018
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Why every kitchen canopy Should and Can have UV-O!!

At this point your probably asking what is UV-O?

It’s quite a complex process but when you break it down to its most simple form UV-O is a piece of hardware that emits ultraviolet light to control air odour by being attached to the duct run, connected via a spigot and small diameter ducting. By mounting the unit in this way it ensures that the performance of the UV bulbs does not diminish over time from grease build up. The UV-O unit effects the air in the extraction system directly after it comes through the kitchen filtration canopy through the use of ultraviolet light beams.

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The technical part…YAWN…

What it does is very sophisticated. Firstly, the module treats the air through a process known as Photolysis. This is where the energy in the light breaks the molecules of the odour chain down from a long molecule to a short molecule. Secondly, the module creates Ozone and Hydroxyl free radicals which in turn react with the shortened molecule. The Ozone and Hydroxyl attack and oxidise cooking odours very efficiently. This oxidisation is known as Ozonolysis. The Combination of both Photolysis and Ozonolysis make for an extremely effective odour destruction system.

In its most simplistic form this unit removes and destroys odours and airborne grease particles leaving carbon dioxide and water vapour.

Who can have UV-O installed into their extraction system?

Anyone. These modules can be retro-fitted to any existing system. The way we have designed our installation means that the UV-O isn’t in the direct line of the extraction ducting. This ensures longer lifespan on the bulbs and enhanced performance as grease build up isn’t nearly as big of an issue as if the UV-O was installed in the direct line of the ducting.

Why does your client needs this kind of technology?

Air pollution

Comply with DEFRA and local county council guidance on air pollution. The grease and odour from commercial kitchen extraction systems are a large contributor to air pollution in built up areas and can cause major planning issues when located near large residential areas with likely complaints from residents regarding strong cooking smells in the area. With specific guidance in place in the UK in the form of the DEFRA guidelines and also county councils in Southern Ireland becoming more stringent on grease and odour control as part of planning requirements, effectively controlling the grease and odour discharge from a commercial catering extract system is key consideration when designing a new restaurant and its associated ventilation.

Reduced fire risk and associated maintenance

Grease deposits that build up over time in the ducting and where the ducting exhausts on a building facade or roof present a serious fire hazard when not correctly maintained and cleaned, the reality of the modern commercial kitchen is that often these cleaning requirements are overlooked as the inside of the duct is unseen. Grease build-ups offer a point of ignition for a fire within the duct and surrounding areas and allow a ready source of fuel for a fire to burn out of control. Having an effective grease removal system as part of the extract will leave the duct, exhaust termination and surrounding area free from potential fuel sources for fire. Also keeping your extract fan free from grease will prolong the lifespan and guarantee the performance of the fan for years to come.

Health risks for staff and people in the vicinity

Kitchen extract systems contain grease, smoke, odour, effluents from the cooking process and also unburnt flue gas from gas appliances, when this exhausts depending on local weather and proximity to other building ventilation systems it is likely that it will be inhaled by people in the nearby area or people exposed due to cross contamination of ventilation. Normal fresh air ventilation systems would not be filtered to a high enough level to remove the associated smoke and odour particles so are exposed to the adverse health effects this may cause on them. Having an effective odour control system in place can protect staff within the building and also people in the local area from any risks associated with inhaling the smoke and odour. Furthermore with many new businesses worried about the environmental impact of their business on the local community and wider surrounding areas having an effective system in place to control and mitigate their contributions to air pollution levels is a major plus point for their business.

The bigger picture

While UV-O will dramatically improve the level of odour that is displaced from your extraction system and can be used in isolation it is important to remember that these units will only truly be maximised when used in conjunction with a larger extraction filtration system. A typical 4 stage filtration system is where the maximum filtration is achieved with a variety of hardware working in synchronisation to achieve an end result of highly refined odour free, grease free and carbon free air as it passes out through the premises.

We are always open to consulting with new and old clients on any matter of issues regarding your extraction system. If you have any question that we can assist you with please feel free to get in touch by emailing us – CLICK HERE TO GET IN TOUCH

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