Five Guys Arrive in Dublin City Centre

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August 16, 2018
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Five Guys Arrive in Dublin City Centre

Making waves in the Dublin scene isn’t something that comes easy but for the global brand of Five Guys it’s certainly being made to look easy. The company has come a long way from its first store being opened back in 1986 in Arlington Virginia. Rising to massive success came after many years of hard work in building a reputation and brand which is famous for using the freshest ingredients to create mouthwateringly good burgers and fries. Growth has been something that Five Guys have managed to achieve through the franchise model when in 2003 they began to offer opportunities to potential investors. To cut a long story short, Five Guys now operates in over 1400 locations worldwide with a further 1500 new stores currently being developed.

Needless to say at PureVent that we are delighted to have partnered with Five Guys for the supply, install and commissioning of ventilation and extraction at their flagship Dublin Store. With this fit out we got the opportunity to think a little bit outside of the box. We don’t just like to settle for “standard” in what we do. Rather we prefer to offer custom solutions, this way we keep pushing ourselves to be more creative and while doing so giving our clients something unique.

When the responsibility of ventilation and extraction is ours – we like our customers to know that they have the peace of mind that what we deliver not only functions perfectly but that it fits with the aesthetics of the build. Often times we have seen fantastic design in the front of house of a restaurant only to see an AC unit providing the completely wrong contrast to a ceiling or a piece of ducting that should have been finished to the colour theme of the build and just wasn’t. That’s why we know that the achieving the right end result is always and will always be in the detail of our product, service and installation.

Check out this custom paint job on the fresh air ducting for front of house.

Into the nitty gritty – What did we do on this install?

If you are used to dealing with consultative supplier partners that’s exactly how we operate. We never jump to assumptions about what your needs are without knowing all of the facts and of course, from a kitchen extraction point of view, the style of food being cooked plays a major role in what system your fitout will require.

For this particular project we installed a 3 stage filtration system with a split design meaning the 3rd stage of filtration was located on the roof of the building. Being a high rise building in Dublin City Centre this was one of those installs which was quite technical from a building structure point of view but we were very happy with the end result and delighted to have pulled off this project on time and in budget.

Stage 1 Filtration – High Efficiency Baffle Filters

The purpose of having well designed baffle filters is to capture as much grease that is created from the cooking process as possible. Truly well designed filters will maximise the volume of grease captured and be easy to maintain and keep clean on an ongoing basis. Our filters boast grease removal of uptown 60% when in use making them one of the most efficient filters available on the market today.

Stage 2 Filtration – UVO-PV Ozone Injection

You might ask what the purpose of this stage of filtration is all about? Basically the UVO unit generates ozone which reacts with organic compounds in the air which are responsible for creating the smells generated while cooking is in process. The Ozone continues to react with these compounds in a process known as Ozonolysis until they exhaust out from the ducting. This system is a very effective way of breaking down cooking odours for all sizes of kitchen operations.

Stage 3 Filtration – ESP(Electrostatic Precipitator)

In order of sequence the final stage in this system that was installed for Five Guys is the ESP. This system is highly sophisticated in that it electrically charges the air with a series of ionizers and then once charged the smoke and grease particles are trapped using collection fins. This was the ideal style of solution for a Five Guys as when we looked at the potential throughput of fresh cooked food going to be made each day we knew that we would have to have a very good level of control in terms of odour, grease and smoke on all of the extracted air.

That’s all from us here this month in Pure Vent – tune in next month for our latest blog post. We are constantly updating our website with knew projects and information so please feel free to check us out by following this link – We hope you can make some time to visit and enjoy this knew Five Guys when you are out and about in Dublin City to see and experience the amazing design they have produced without even mentioning how amazing the food is.

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