Want to avoid huge ownership costs on your kitchen extraction!? Demand Controlled Ventilation is the future…

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August 15, 2018
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August 16, 2018
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Want to avoid huge ownership costs on your kitchen extraction!? Demand Controlled Ventilation is the future…

As the title would suggest, it is alarming just how many projects that we encounter where the extraction system is not correctly designed for the purposes of the premises…

Let me back up for just a minute. The statement above is a true perspective that I and my colleagues see all the time. In our experience, the reason we see so many fit-outs that have the wrong extraction system in place is due to poor understanding of the clients needs coupled with lack of consultation – really and truly one solution does not fit all.

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Part of what we like to do in Pure Vent is to provide knowledge to our clients about the type of system they require and why they would require it. Often we find the reason premises run into problems with there extraction and ventilation is down to not being given the correct consultation from the start and thus being miss-informed. Our focus is, and will always be, around addressing the right solution for our client in order to serve them with a product that is right for there business. From our point of view – every project has its own unique solution…

Energy Consumption

Often overlooked, the extraction and air conditioning running costs are among the highest energy consumers in any restaurant. So it makes sense to install a smart system that can cope with increases and decreases in demand, saving you on your energy bills.

What is a smart extraction system I hear you ask!?

This is an extraction system with smart controls that can save 80% on energy costs when compared to a system without these controls. Without getting all technical and boring you to death, what we are talking about here is a system that recognises increases in the volume of grease, smoke and fumes in the air of the kitchen thus ramping up the extraction flow rate and air conditioning flow rate to match. And when the kitchen becomes less busy the system will do the opposite and slow the extraction flow rate down along with the air conditioning. The great thing about this system is that it self-regulates meaning no interaction from any member of staff is required so you can be guaranteed that it will operate as efficiently as possible from the day it is installed.

Not only will a self regulating extraction system bring huge savings from a running cost perspective but it will bring savings to other energy costs such as heating in the front of house. How??!! I hear you ask. If you were to take a conventional system, it displaces air out through extraction canopy and whatever air volume is displaced has to be replaced by the fresh air system. Because this style of system isn’t self regulating it means that it runs at 100% all of the time and has the same effect on the fresh air delivery system and heating of that air. In Summary, your air conditioning is having to run at 100% power all of the time to keep replacing the air into the premises.

When you compare this to a self regulated system, the savings come 2 fold as both kitchen extraction and the air conditioning system adjusts to the flow of air as per the flow of extraction. This means that the systems will only work hard when they need to rather than needlessly consuming energy throughout the day.

In Summary

Taking the points made above into mind an ideal example of such work being carried out is at the Point Village in Dublin where we installed a 4 stage door abatement system for Ruby’s Restaurant. The premises is situated at the bottom floor of a large premises consisting mainly of commercial units all of which are positioned directly above the restaurant. With the benefit of our technology and being able to directly mount a low level discharge point we saved our client hugely on the outlay cost of the install and on legal clearance as no ducting needed to be brought through the roof service shafts which will also dramatically reduce the maintenance costs of the unit.

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