“SmartVent”​ – Transform your business today…

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“SmartVent”​ – Transform your business today…

It goes without saying that in today’s business environment energy efficiency and business running costs are two phrases that go hand in hand. Everyone wants to lower operating costs and from that perspective the elephant in the room is the cost of energy usage. The cost of running fans, heating and cooling systems for the ventilation makes up a large proportion of this energy and reducing these can have a major impact on energy usage costs.

The definition of Energy Efficiency“is the goal to reduce the amount of energy required to provide products and services”

For many operators, the very idea of understanding the costs associated with running their business from an energy point of view are mind numbing. Yes, they can look up their previous bills and try to understand the cost of the associated energy usage but understanding the costs is only the beginning to make savings the way the customer uses equipment needs to become smarter.

Wasted energy eludes to the process of using valuable electrical or heat resources at the wrong time when the need for such energy use is not required.

The key question to consider is why continue to allow hard earned profits to be consumed by inefficient equipment that isn’t being controlled correctly?

The solution is “SmartVent”

Luckily we have a solution. Its called “SmartVent”. SmartVent is a unique approach to the installation of extraction and fresh air supply system for your premises. The SmartVent system can be installed for premises that vary from 1 to 10+ kitchen extraction canopies at various locations within the premises. Unique technology built into each canopy in the premises monitors cooking activity continuously through the use of smart sensors which speed the fans up and down so that the required extract and supply air level is always matched to the cooking process at the time, the reduced airflows also reduces any heating or cooling input of air accordingly which offers further energy savings.

What does SmartVent mean for you?

SmartVent is extraction that works at variable flow rates depending on the demands of your kitchen, it is a demand controlled system which works autonomously from human intervention. This means that if you are a hotel running a function for 300 people in your banquet hall your banquet kitchen will automatically run the kitchen fans at the required rate to ensure the extraction is carried out based on the level of smoke and heat in the air. All the while you may have a bar kitchen which is quieter and thus will automatically have much lower run speed on extraction. These systems are proven to deliver results of upto 80% energy savings.

In essence what SmartVent gives is a completely flexible system which only allocates energy based on the needs to each kitchen at a given time. Gone are the days of inefficient systems that cost you needless amounts of operating expense. This system takes the human element out of the equation.

Enquire today about how our SmartVent system can become an integral part of how your kitchen can achieve massive cost reductions with typical ROI in just over 2 years.

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