Milestone, Rathfriland

M&M services were directly contracted by the client (Tom Mc Avoy) to carry out the space heating, cooling and ventilation for the new extension and the refurbished existing store.

Using a design from Cuilinn engineering we have been installing the above systems on a tight schedule to get the new extension open and allow the shop to move from the existing store into the new store allowing the old store to then be refurbished.








Works carried out:

  • Installation of York ducted and cassette type hydronic 4-pipe fan coils throughout the shop floor and office space to provide heating and cooling.
  • Installation of LTHW pipework carried out in steel crimp press from the large external multi-fuel boiler system provided by Tom to a Low loss distribution header within the store providing heating to all fan coils.
  • Installation of radiant panels within the ceiling grid to provide heating to the downstairs toilets and office hallway area.
  • Installation of a York YCLA air cooled water chiller and external buffer vessel to provide chilled water for the fan coil cooling.
  • Installation of chilled water pipework carried out in steel crimp press running from the air cooled chiller on the external plant location to a low loss distribution header within the store providing cooling to all fan coils
  • A Daikin VAM heat recovery ventilation system is providing extract and supply ventilation to the upstair office areas
  • A custom built fastlane air handling unit providing pre-heated / pre cooled supply air to the whole downstairs shop area. The AHU also includes a heat recovery element providing recovery of heat from the extracted air via a thermal wheel section within the AHU reducing the demand from the heating coil.
  • A custom built BMS control panel from ATC controls
  • All toilet extract systems in both the upstairs and downstairs toilets

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